Aerial Services

At Bob Morris Photo and Aerial, we use high quality UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles or commonly called drones) to capture high resolution photos and high definition video.  With over 30 years' experience producing aerial photography and video from helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, drones were a natural progression. With great safety and a much lower operating cost, drones now provide a much needed service for just about any budget

Aerial images have many uses including promotional, property planning, building and infrastructure inspections, construction projects and more.







Orthomosaics are photos that are stitched together from many images. They are "orthorectified" meaning that they are geometrically corrected so that the scale is uniform, unlike a "normal" aerial photo. Orthomosaics can be used like a map and imported into GIS systems to use for measuring and planning.






Elevations and Digital Surface Models

In addition to photos and video, UAVs can produce surveys of your property or project. By flying a programmed pattern, images and aerial data are combined to produce several types of digital output. These can be used with your in-house GIS system or viewed online. Measurements can then be made for distance, area, and volume.










Hi Resolution photography of your project or property can be used in many ways. Unique angles for marketing, construction progress shots, industrial facilities, and building and tower inspections are just s few uses. 









HD Video

Add hi-definition video to your website or presentations to show your clients or project partners. Together with still photos, video will give everybody the complete picture.